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National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Event Date: 
Friday, February 1, 2019 (All day) to Thursday, February 28, 2019 (All day)

This National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, help raise awareness about teen dating violence and the importance of healthy relationships.

Teen dating violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological. It can occur in person or electronically (e.g., online or via text messages). In 2017, 8% of high school students who reported dating in the past year experienced physical violence from their partner, and approximately 7% reported being sexually abused by their partner.

Recognizing the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy dating relationships, and how to get out of an abusive one, is incredibly important for healthy adolescent development. Youth who are victims of dating violence are more likely to participate in risky behaviors, such as tobacco and alcohol use, which could increase their risk of a teen pregnancy. Youth dating violence survivors are also more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

Show your support: 

  • Download and share our infographic on the risks of sexting and how teens can protect themselves and others.
  • Watch our webinar to learn how to promote healthy relationships in your adolescent pregnancy prevention program.
  • Know the warning signs of unhealthy relationships and test your knowledge at
  • Parents and other caregivers, use our communication tips to let the teens in your life know that they can always come to you for help or advice.
  • Participate in activities organized by Break the Cycle around this year’s theme: “Your love is unique…with consent.” Upload your pictures on Instagram and Twitter using #Orange4Love and #TeenDVMonth.

Get help or report abuse: 


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