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Mother and teen daughter

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recently released a resource guide entitled, Keeping Youth Drug Free. This important guide was primarily written for parents and youth care providers.

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From falling behind in school, to risky sexual behavior, to overdosing, the effects of substance abuse can hinder a young person’s ability to succeed. By talking with youth early and often about the dangers of drug and alcohol use, we can help set them firmly on a path toward a brighter future. Discover how you can make a difference this month.

Teen girl lonely on playground

Did you know that youth who are bullied can struggle with depression, anxiety, and decreased academic achievement? Or that youth who bully others often abuse alcohol and other drugs? Victims of bullying are also more likely to drop out of school, engage in risky sexual activity, and abuse their intimate partners or children as adults. This month, help put a stop to bullying.

Diverse group of teens

This Webinar provides an overview of success sequencing and what it means; describes strategies to address risk factors related to teen pregnancy, such as goal setting and community involvement; and shares one grantee’s experience implementing a goal-setting initiative as part of their APP program.

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Vulnerable Youth Remain at Greatest Risk for Teen Pregnancy

Youth in foster care are 2x more likely to become pregnant by age 19 than other youth.
Hispanic and black teen girls are about 2-3 time more likely to give birth than white teen girls
Lesbian and bisexual teens have 2x the risk of unintended pregnancy than their heterosexual peers.
430,000 youth in 2014 were served by Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program grantees

You can help  Prep Teens for the Future

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