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National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

In May and throughout the year, join the Family & Youth Services Bureau’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program in our effort to PREP teens for the future. Teaching teens about healthy life skills, development, and communication helps to prepare them for adulthood and equips them with the information needed to make responsible decisions and avoid teen pregnancy.

TEEN Pregnancy Prevention Month PREP Teens for the Future

Get the Facts

FYSB's Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program administers 173 grants throughout the nation and several U.S. territories. These programs target vulnerable populations by providing culturally relevant and age-appropriate comprehensive and abstinence-only sex education. To reduce factors that put youth at risk and boost factors that protect them, grantees enhance the youth experience by providing mentoring, counseling, adult supervision and/or programming on adulthood preparation subjects.

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Did you know...

Youth are less likely to get pregnant or get someone pregnant if they have:

  • Open communication with adults about using contraception.
  • Supportive parents.
  • Healthy family dynamics.
  • Healthy relationships with peers.
  • Peers who use condoms.
  • Accurate knowledge about sexual health, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and the importance of abstinence.

Youth are more likely to get pregnant or get someone pregnant if they:

  • Live in poverty.
  • Are the child of a teen parent.
  • Are from a single-parent home.
  • Live in a home with a lot of family conflict.
  • Have sex at a young age.
  • Use and/or abuse drugs and alcohol at a young age.
  • Have low self-esteem.

FYSB's Personal Responsibility Education Program Grantees

Nearly 2,500 educators trained in evidence-based programs

74% target youth in high-need area

34% target youth in foster care

After Participating in personal responsibility education 83% of youth felt more prepared for adulthood

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Use your social media and our resources below to heighten awareness in your community to avoid teen pregnancy.

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Thunderclap

This May, join the FYSB Thunderclap to PREP Teens for the future! Take the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Pledge and watch as the Thunderclap goes live and everyone's messages are shared all at once. Join the Thunderclap here: http://thndr.it/1dHPQPH and share with your friends and followers to help us reach our goal by May 20th!


Services and Support for Youth Transitioning from the Juvenile Justice and Foster Care Systems - Webinar

3 p.m. Eastern time
Teen pregnancy prevention services and partnerships support the successful transition of youth from the juvenile justice and foster care systems. The goal of the webinar is to highlight effective strategies, models and partnerships to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection rates among foster care and juvenile justice youth.


#NCFYtalk: Working Teen Pregnancy Prevention into the Adolescent Health Conversation

2 p.m. Eastern time
Join the National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth on Twitter for a #NCFYtalk to discuss teen pregnancy prevention as part of teens' overall health and development.

Share Your Success!

Send photos, links and stories to demonstrate how you are observing Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month in your community to FYSB’s National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth at ncfy@acf.hhs.gov or send a message via Facebook or Twitter.