Technical Assistance

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Access direct expertise.

The FYSB Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) Program provides collaborative Technical Assistance (TA) that is results-driven and customized to your needs. Our experienced team of TA providers, many of whom have field expertise, offer complimentary technical assistance to all SRAE and PREP grantees in the following areas:

  • Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Practices
  • Program Management
  • Program Implementation
  • Staff Recruitment and Retention
  • Virtual implementation, including, curriculum adaptations
  • Sub-awardee Monitoring
  • Participant Recruitment and Retention
  • Sexual Risk Avoidance Topics and Implementation
  • Abstinence and Contraceptive Education
  • Adulthood Preparation Subjects
  • Working with Specific Youth Populations

Request technical assistance.

If you are interested in working with a Technical Assistance (TA) provider to support program implementation needs, simply contact your FYSB Project Officer who will submit a request on your behalf. Once assigned, the TA provider will contact you to assess your grant project's needs, address any concerns, and take a strength-based approach to help develop a solution.

RTI International provides Training and Technical Assistance for PREP and SRAE grantees.

RTI International

For Technical Assistance with evaluation and performance measurement, support is available through:

SRAENE Sexual Risk Avoidance Education National Evaluation
SRAEPAS Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Performance Analysis Study
PREP Evaluation
PMAPS Studies of Performance Measures and Adult Preparation Subjects