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Designed for FYSB’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) grantees and their sub-recipients, this Help Center facilitates delivery of adolescent pregnancy prevention programming by centralizing grant administration guidance and support documentation. Just select your Grantee Type and we’ll compile foundational documents about that funding stream. You can also select additional APP topics under "I want to learn about". Some of the materials displayed on this page are restricted content for APP grantees only and require the user to log in.

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Grant Project Staff must be invited to join the site by their grant Primary Point of Contact and will need to request the invitation from that person. If you are the Primary Point of Contact for your grant, you must contact to request an account. Due to security considerations, grantees are not able to create an account on the site independently. For help completing these steps, see Registration Process.

Please contact your Federal Project Officer about what you would like help with. Your PO will make a formal request in the APP Technical Assistance web portal.

We Think Twice is a digital media campaign designed with teens for teens. Funded by the Administration for Children & Families’ Family and Youth Services Bureau, We Think Twice™ amplifies the voice of the youth generation: their voice, their goals, their future. We Think Twice™ is here to help youth focus on what drives them and leave the drama behind.

Grantees who would like to request permission to use the We Think Twice name, acronym, or logo, or would like FYSB to review sample materials that contain the We Think Twice mark(s) should email ACF-DigitalComms.

The WE THINK TWICE and WTT wordmarks and WE THINK TWICE logo, are trademarks of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Use of these marks without prior written authorization is strictly prohibited.

Registration for all TA events is shared through e-newsletters and/or on The Exchange Events calendar. For PREP grantees, please be sure you are receiving emails from and for SRAE grantees, please be sure you are receiving emails from Please note that you do not need to sign up for TA Office Hours. Zoom links for those sessions are available via e-blast.

Yes, FYSB must be identified as a funding source in all materials and presentations disseminated as a result of this project. Please refer to the “Branding Guidelines for FYSB-Supported Projects” section of your Guidance documents. Download the FYSB Supported seal.

The notice of funding opportunity requires grantees, at a minimum, to have two key staff persons attend one of two topical trainings offered each year. Staff are allowed to attend both topical trainings at their discretion.

There are limitations on some events, including minimum attendance requirements. Per the notice of funding opportunity (NOFO), grantees are required to send at least two staff to attend a minimum of one of two topical training sessions offered each year. Your organization’s NOFO also contains a minimum attendance requirement specific to your funding stream regarding the annual APP Conference. The maximum number of registrants for in-person topical trainings and conferences is unique to each event based on capacity limits. There is no limit to the number of grantees and sub-recipients that can register for webinars. The share-and-learn sessions (small, discussion-based video calls) are limited to 35 total participants available on a first come, first register basis.

Site Monitoring Visits (SMVs) are virtual or in-person program reviews intended to: (1) acquire more in-depth information on the implementation and functioning of the program; (2) evaluate the grantee’s performance in the context of its organizational structure and program design by examining the implementation, successes or challenges in meeting compliance and programmatic goals, and adherence to legislative and programmatic requirements; (3) identify corrective actions and support to improve operations, compliance, and outcomes; (4) identify best or promising practices implemented by the grantee; and (5) assist grantees in understanding their requirements and provide information that will support and improve their program.

In an effort to provide more timely and relevant support, grantee liaison groups act as an extension of the individual T&TA. Compiled based on funding stream and location, each group has an assigned TA representative working as a liaison to the broader T&TA team. This community within a community gathers every other month to discuss common needs and challenges, network, and share resources. Check with the Primary Point of Contact for your grant to determine if your organization/project has been invited to the liaison group. If not and you are interested in participating in a liaison group please reach out to (PREP funding streams only). To join an SRAE liaison group, contact (SRAE funding streams only). Please note, we are not able to offer a liaison group for sub-recipients at this time.

For questions such as allowable spending, including incentives, and budget modifications, please refer to your organization’s notice of award or reach out to your Federal Project Officer.

The NCC application is required in order to obligate grant funds for each new budget year of the project and to ensure that proposed programmatic activities are consistent with the scope of the program. Please refer to the “Non-Competing Continuation Requests” section of your Guidance documents for more information and deadlines.

Grantees are required to submit semi-annual Federal Financial Reports on the SF-425. Please refer to the “Federal Financial Reports” section of your Guidance documents for more information and deadlines.

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