Elevate Youth Programming Podcast

The Elevate Youth Programming podcast was developed by RTI International and funded by the Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB). The Elevate Youth Programming content does not reflect the opinions of FYSB, nor its training and technical assistance contractors, but offers topics to provoke thought and provide grantees with tips and strategies to enhance programming. All of our podcast episodes are available to the public at no cost. Please contact us at apptta@rti.org for any questions.

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Seasons and Episodes

In this episode, “Adolescent Health and Sexually Transmitted Infections,” Elevate Youth Programming sat down with Christy Altidor and Jerrica Davis from the National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD) to discuss sexually transmitted infection (STI)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) trends and tools and resources to advance adolescent sexual health.

In this episode, “Navigating Staff Turnover,” Elevate Youth Programming sat down with Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) grantees Melissa Ballard and Jill Gwilt from Mission West Virginia’s Teaching Health Instead of Nagging Kids (THINK) program to discuss program management and staff retention.

In episode one, "Building and Strengthening Partnerships," Elevate Youth Programming sat down with Debbie Herget and Edna Wallace with RTI International's Education and Workforce Development (EWD) Division to discuss strengthening partnerships with schools.

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In episode two, "Navigating the New Norm," Elevate Youth Programming sat down with Kelly Gainor from ETR to discuss engaging students, implementing adaptations with fidelity, and maximizing time with participants in a virtual setting.

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In episode three, "Health Equity," Elevate Youth Programming, sat down with Dr. Asari Offiong and Catherine Schaefer from Child Trend to discuss integrating a health equity perspective into Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) and other youth-centered programs.

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In episode four, "This is a Safe Space: Trauma-Informed Care," Elevate Youth Programming sat down with Drs. Hannah Lantos and Brandon Stratford from Child Trend to discuss creating trauma-informed spaces that are safe and supportive for all young people.

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Dr. Kineka J. Hull is a Public Health Researcher at RTI International with expertise in studying risk behaviors among adolescents and youth; sexuality and contraceptive use among African American Women; sexual abuse prevention, including human trafficking; and working with diverse, underserved, vulnerable, and rural populations. She has led studies focusing on comprehensive sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy prevention, healthy communication, and COVID-19.


Lauren Mangum is a Multimedia Communication Specialist at RTI International. She is an expert in producing virtual and on-site training events along with providing graphic support and media production expertise for projects. Ms. Mangum is also the producer of the Just Science podcast, which is designed to highlight key leaders in forensic science research, practice, and innovation. The podcast has released over 100 episodes and generated over 100,000 listens.