Text reads "Weathering the Storm" on a background with two people holding an umbrella in rain.
  • Health Educators
  • Facilitators
  • Community-based Organizations
  • Parents & Caregivers
  • Program Administrators
  • Program Managers
  • Counselors
  • Sub Recipients
  • Schools

Weathering the Storm: How Supportive Adults Can Promote Youth Mental Health and Wellness

A growing barrage of stressors has led to nearly 42% of U.S. high school students reporting persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness.1 This infographic provides grantees with information about each of those stressors and the ways supportive adults can alleviate them. Learn how supportive adults can create a safe environment for youth, normalize talking about mental health, promote resilience and mental wellness, inspire and expand possibilities for youth, and increase capacity to support youth mental health. The infographic includes additional resources on youth mental health and hotlines that can provide immediate support for someone who is struggling or in crisis.

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