Roller Coaster Relationships, Romance, and Destiny: Media Messages in the Real World

This dynamic lesson from We Think Twice is designed to supplement your organization’s programming with middle and high school youth.  It provides youth information on identifying healthy and unhealthy messages in the media related to sex, dating, and relationships and encourages them to base their own ideas about these topics on facts, dispelled myths, and their own values. The overall goal of this lesson is to support youth to engage in heathy relationship behaviors.

By participating in this lesson, youth will be introduced to key media literacy skills such as:

  • Awareness of the influence the media have on their perceptions of sex, dating, and relationships.
  • The skills to examine the motives of advertisers and entertainment producers that spread messages about sex, dating, and relationships.
  • Tools to manage media consumption.
  • Facilitators
  • Health Educators
  • Youth
  • Program Managers
  • Schools
  • Community-based Organizations
  • Counselors
  • Sub Recipients