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Event logo with the text National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week: Shatter the Myths

Teens often get conflicting or inaccurate information about drugs and alcohol from friends, family, and the media. Help these youth stay safe and reach their goals by setting the facts straight. Take part in this year’s National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week.


Teenage girl sitting on sidewalk alone.

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, which increases awareness of human trafficking as a global crisis that is also affecting people here in the United States. Although human traffickers target both adults and minors, youth are particularly vulnerable.

young father with baby

This tip sheet provides an overview of substance use among pregnant and parenting youth along with its impact and strategies for addressing substance use among pregnant and parenting youth. 

Teenage girl standing alone outside looking at her phone.

Teen sexting can carry with it harmful and lasting consequences, and most teens are unaware of the legal implications of sending a sext without consent. This infographic highlights what sexting is, why it is risky, and how teens can protect themselves and others from the harmful effects of sexting. 

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Vulnerable Youth Remain at Greatest Risk for Teen Pregnancy

Youth in foster care are 2x more likely to become pregnant by age 19 than other youth.
Hispanic and black teen girls are about 2-3 time more likely to give birth than white teen girls
Lesbian and bisexual teens have 2x the risk of unintended pregnancy than their heterosexual peers.
430,000 youth in 2014 were served by Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program grantees

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