Storytelling Tips

Your program has a story to share. Your story can help increase your program's visibility and help you connect with new partners and stakeholders who can bolster the work that you do. Perhaps you reached a record number of youth participants this year, or maybe you integrated a new adulthood preparation subject, such as financial literacy or parent-child communication, into your Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) program. Whatever your success story, we are here to help you tell it.

Four Visual Storytelling Tips

It's true: A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content can help tell your story and boost engagement. Unfortunately, creating visuals can take time and resources. That is where we come in. Use our Studio Tool to create customized materials that you can share on your Web site and social media platforms.

Tip #1

Provide maximum information with minimum words. Make every word count.

Tip #2

More and more, visual and multimedia tools are available at your fingertips. Apps you can download make a smartphone perhaps your most powerful storytelling tool.

Tip #3

Think visually. Internet users are more likely to share photos and videos online.

Tip #4

Always secure written parent/guardian consent for youth who are under 18 years of age if they opt to be included in photo or video content.