Program Management

Event Date:

Training Dates:

  • August 29: Staff Recruitment and Retention
  • September 10: Curriculum Features and Fidelity
  • September 16: Administration and Quality Improvement
  • September 23: Collaborations and Sustainability

Program management is critical to ensure the successful planning, implementation, and evaluation of adolescent pregnancy prevention programs. This four-session virtual training will equip grantees with knowledge, skills, and resources to align program activities with legislative and NOFO requirements. Grantees will also learn tips and strategies to enhance program management and administration.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to do the following:  

  • Assess their agency’s processes to ensure compliance with Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) legislative and notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) requirements. 
  • Identify specific tips and strategies to enhance program management and administration. 
  • Identify at least two areas for improvement to enhance overall project performance.  
  • Identify action steps to integrate tips and strategies into plans to improve or optimize program management and/or administration.
Category: Topical Training
Virtual Topical Training.