The Adolescent Brain

Next to infancy, early adolescence is the most dynamic period for brain development—also known as a “window of opportunity”—making this an ideal time for youth to gain and maintain new skills. This infographic provides insights into why adolescents are prone to seek out novel experiences and excitement, especially in the presence of peers; how emotional context plays a role in the way adolescents think and act; and how trauma and other experiences can impact brain development. Most importantly, the infographic provides tips on what youth-serving providers and parents/caregivers can do to support healthy adolescent risk-taking and positive learning experiences.

  • Community-based Organizations
  • Facilitators
  • Government Agencies
  • Health Educators
  • Parents & Caregivers
  • Program Administrators
  • Program Managers
  • Counselors
  • Sub Recipients
  • Schools
  • Evaluators