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Creating Inclusive Spaces for Youth: A Facilitator’s Guide to Equity and Inclusion in the Classroom

This facilitator’s guide will enable facilitators of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) education to advance equity in their work with youth. The guide describes how implicit bias can affect an educator’s behaviors and judgment and unknowingly elicit microaggressions toward specific groups of people. The guide provides educators with resources to identify and address their own implicit biases, so they are able to relate to youth participants in an equitable and inclusive manner in the classroom. It also enables educators to identify elements in existing curricula or other educational materials that may marginalize certain groups of adolescents through messaging that perpetuates racial or ethnic stereotypes; stigmatizes or alienates sexually active or LGBTQ+ adolescents; contains gender stereotypes that may perpetuate gender inequities; or lacks imagery and messaging with relevance to some cultural groups. 

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