SRAE TTA Virtual Topical Training, August 24-26, 2021

The Science of Hope and Its Application to SRAE Programs 

This Topical Training focuses on the Science of Hope and explores the power of hope for youth as a protective factor in overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and as a motivating factor for personal and future success. Various aspects of the topic are covered throughout the three-day training, allowing grantees to better understand the science of hope and how to apply it to their programs. 

Slides accompanying the sessions are included below the recordings.

Day 1 Recordings 

KEYNOTE: What is Hope? How Opening Up About Your Life Leads to Hope

FIELD TALK: Understanding and Cultivating Hope Through SRAE Programs

GRANTEE PANEL: Approaching Youth with Future-Oriented  Hope in SRAE Topics

Day 2 Recordings 

WELCOME AND KEYNOTE: Hope Continuum & Lessons Learned from Abused Kids

FIELD TALK: How Trauma Affects the Ability to Hope and to Internalize the SRAE Message

GRANTEE PANEL: How to Mitigate Adverse Effects in Trauma-Exposed Youth and Lead Them to Experience Hope 

Day 3 Recordings 

KEYNOTE: Measuring and Increasing Hope in Teens to Live Hope-Centered Lives

Introduction to the Sexual Risk Cessation Model: Providing Second Chances for Hope and Health

FIELD TALK: Unpacking Trauma: How to Apply the Measurement of Hope and Create a Culture of Hope Within SRAE Programs 

  • Facilitators
  • Program Administrators
  • Sub Recipients
  • Community-based Organizations
  • Government Agencies